What we do....Expertise and experience gained to date

  • Research into renewable energy sources, Gliricidia etc.
    by involving with research organizations and planters identifying locally available species of short rotation coppicing legume trees which are multi beneficial as input bio mass for power as well as to the agriculturalists.
  • Sources of investment in power generation projects
    continuous follow up with various investment forums on renewable energy investments
  • Infrastructure requirements of thermal biomass power plants.Follow up with Infrastructure requirements of thermal biomass power plants from different supply sources and carrying out studies on appropriate methodologies in the local set up
  • Community involvement in bioenergy production
    Develop community involvement in bio energy production and integration of bio energy with farming systems in the rural agricultural areas to develop input fuel wood supply chains
  • Integration of bio energy with farming systems
  • Institutional relationships required for successful operation of supply chains in plantation areas and for provision of primary technical knowledge for processing input material from the area itself
  • Strategic aspects of the need for a new generation of thermal power plants