About Lanka Bio Energies.

Lanka Bio Energies (Private) Ltd has engaged in Biomass power generation activities while being instrumental in forming the 'Bio Energy Association of Sri Lanka' (BEASL) in 2002. At this time the World Bank sponsored renewable energy financing programme was extended for biomass, bringing together the identified stake holders with the pioneers in this sector. Its objective was to harness the potentials available in the country to develop biomass energy business between public and private sectors.

Through BEASL it was possible to canvass for several progressive measures that were required for the development of the bio mass (dendro) power generation sector which included promoting the need to establish a regularity authority for the renewable energy sector (finally resulting in the establishment of Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SEA) in 2007).With this it was possible to formulate a cost based energy purchase tariff determination programme beneficial for the bio mass sector through Public Utilities Commission and finally implemented by Ceylon Electricity Board on the advice of SEA to be active from 2009.


Executive Board

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Managing Director  -  Nelson Nagasinghe

  • 35 years experience as Chartered Accountant
  • 5 years experience with biomass supply chain development
  • Treasurer to Bio Energy Association of Sri Lanka
  • Consultant to Central Bank of Sri Lanka